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Thread: DSC1, Cornwall, end of April.

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    Smile DSC1, Cornwall, end of April.

    Hey there!

    I came into this subforum and felt compelled to post and ask whether there are any on here that are attending the DSC1 course in Cornwall at the end of April this year? I have a place on the course and I am studying the materials intently. It's VERY interesting and I am enjoying reading it a lot.

    If anybody reads this that has already been on a DSC1 course, is it fun and enjoyable? Do people have a laugh and socialise on the course whilst, of course, being serious and focus on being there to learn? How many people are generally on each course? Are the tests hard? Such as the first test where the pass mark is 40/50 or whatever. Anyone got any idea of practice questions? Also, does anyone have any examples of the type of images they use in the visual identification test in which you have to identify species and gender? Would be lovely.

    As for the shooting assessment, would you consider it as not too difficult for someone who has been shooting since he was 10 (and is now 19) with an airgun and clay pigeon shooting and do you get a decent amount of practice at a range or something whilst you are there?

    Is there a lot of walking/running done and how long is the observation-esque test where you are with an observer and they assess your safety when moving around obstacles and deciding which shots are safe and which shots are unsafe?

    I am sorry if any questions seem 'too much' in terms of seeming like I am trying to cheat, this is NOT the case! I am just the type of person who is very inquistive and organised and likes to know what will be going on before I arrive! .

    Thank you in advance to anyone that chooses to reply, I look forward to speaking to you!

    Cheers! .

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    No running involved, small amount of walking. Contact the person running the course and talk with them especially regarding the centre-fire rifle test. If not experienced get some instruction and practice on rifle safety (differs in some aspects to shotgun safety) and centre-fire rifle shooting and make sure you are able to complete the test before taking it or you risk having to take it again. Have a look at the BDS website and consider whether to get their interactive CD on ultimate deer data as a training aid before the course. If you know all the info on the CD and are able to put it on paper then you will pass those aspects 100% including the deer identification tests. A lot of knowledge there.

    Have fun


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    If this is the BASC one towards the end of April, I'm sure you will have a great time. Not only will you learn alot, hopefully you will enjoy the company of fellow stalkers in your area.

    There are still two places availble on this course on a first com first serve basis


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    I'm booked on the same course and really looking forward to it (lots still to read though ). As I have had little hands-on experience of centrefire shooting, a friend and I visited Ian Farrington near Axminster for a range session/ field shooting day. Cannot recommend him enough. Ian's a great teacher and the day gave us both a chance to shoot in a variety of positions with both rimfire and deer calibres, culminating in a mock DSC 1 test. I (hopefully!) now know what to expect with the shooting part of the course. Well worth giving him a shout ( as it was great value and highly enjoyable.
    Cheers (and see you in Bodmin )


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    Better not be any running about i'm way to old for that,see ya there.
    ATB Neil.

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    Hi Mate ,

    You will thoroughly enjoy the experince!!!!

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