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Thread: DSC2 South East Recommendations Please

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    DSC2 South East Recommendations Please

    Hi All,

    Having spoke to a few providers of DSC2 I am in quandary as to which one offers the best in terms of training and affordability. It's something that I want to get booked ASAP (not rushing but have to secure dates for work)!

    Any recommendations would be highy welcomed. Ideally Sussex or Hants! But would travel if it was an attractive offer.

    Thanks in advance...


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    BASC is running four this year in the South East. 2 in Surrey in May and October and 2 in Kent in August and October. Follow the link to see further details

    Many thanks, Peter

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    Good luck who ever you go with
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    If it is DSC1, I'd do with BDS
    If its DSC2, then surely any of the approved witnesses on the list will give you some training and guidance as needed if you stalk with them before going for your witnessed stalks. Otherwise, one of the park culling days may be a good basis for training?

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    Jelen have promptly sent a pack through and mike called - very impressive

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