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Thread: Best scope

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    Best scope

    Now I know that this is a bit of a wide question, but I am new to stalking and not yet shot my first deer. I am an experienced shot of many years with pest/vermin and shotgun sports but have only ever shot competition full bore rifles on open sights. I own a Sako AV in 30.06. it came with a low power KASSNAR Beta 3 scope ( 6x42) and was used, I am led to believe for Wild Boar by the previous owner. My main quarry will be Roe and Fallow from High seat and Woodland stalking. I know the argument about get the best you can afford etc which I totally agree with, but I would like some honest opinions (purchase bias accepted) on what any of you chaps/chapesses use. ie make and magnification. (Not too much technical detail as I am a beginner). All comments will be appreciated.

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    Unfortunately there is no "best scope" as your budget will dictate what you buy. As said many times before buy the best quality you can.
    Based on what you have said you'll use it for, you wont go wrong with an S&B 8x56 or equivalent Zeiss, Swaro etc...the list goes on. S&B will set you back maybe 350- 400 for a second hand example, great in low light and straight forward to use, point and shoot!

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    Agreed, no best scope, all have advantages.
    I would go for a fixed magnification, 6x42 or 8x56. Make it by one of the good names, S&B, Leupold, Swarovsli etc. Second hand is fine if your happy it is in good nick.
    I have a S&B 8x56, it is top notch.

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    Scopes are all down to personal preference and budget. For me, 6x42 is fine for woodland stalking out to 200 yards,others not. The more you spend the clearer view you get , particularly at either end of the day. Go to a gunshop and look through a few scopes. Make your own mind up . I personaly like Meopta scopes, the MeoPro 4-12x50 for 350 is very good value. Zeiss Duralyt ,Meopta Meostar range for around 600 also excellent. If you have more to spend Swaroski and Schmidt Bender come into play. I started with a S/H 4x40 Tasco, the deer still died.

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    Hi Clover
    I have tried a few scopes over the years, and approx ten year's ago i bought a Swarovski 8 x 56 and never looked back, it has been on .243, .270 and now it's on my .223, brilliant scope, and you can pick up some good second hand ones for 400-500.
    It's the same old story it's up to what your budget will go to?
    I myself think how many will you go through before your happy? so i went for the top end and i am very happy.
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    There is nothing wrong with your Beta 3, its made by Pecar in West Berlin and they are excellent scopes although the lens coatings are a bit on the soft side so be carefull if you clean it. ( I think if you look it will have a serial number engraved on it). Quality German make. It might be worth having the parallax re set to 100yds if it was originally sold as a air rifle scope(25 yds) but its not difficult to do.

    Optically it will be very comparable to most top end makes, I have a 3-9x42 Beta 3 on my S100 air rifle and would never part with it.



    Suggest you don't worry to much about it at present.

    General concencus on here is the 8x56 S@B is the benchmark.

    The new Zeiss range are absolutely excellent.

    Suggest you get to look through a few in field consitions and then make up your mind.

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    Just bought a 2nd hand S&B, but was tempted by the Minnox, very clear, also have a Vortex, great glass for the cash. Just some others to think about, but big 3 are that for a reason

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    Actually there is a serial number on it under the logo.

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    Hi i had a s/b 6x42 on my 243 and found it very good in low light, i also use 6x42 and 7x56 Khales. I found these mag scopes suited my eyes better in low light. Atb Woodydog.

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    I have an 8 x 56 Hungarian S&B on one of my rifles. If you're thinking about one or would like to compare it with what you've got your welcome to look at mine. I'm near Burton.



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