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    well at least dick turpin would walk right up and take your money, but vets, sorry I must calm down, me old pointer was taken to said vet ,gone off food,stiffening etc,VET said we will keep him in one night and do tests in the morning.I phoned next day enquiring about the bill,wait for it,wait for it 431 pounds.I am still none the wiser as to whats wrong with the old dog,apart from being really old,and having old mans symptoms,just like his owner really.Sorry chaps but I cannot believe that they can get away with charging this sort of money,well thats my moan of the week perhaps we should start a new heading on the forum.Promise to stalking on my next visit 431chuffin pounds.

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    We have a great many South African vets moving into this part of the SE at present. To begin with they gave good service, but lately I am not so sure

    Mind you they dont get many Bavarian Dogs in my area to look at

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    Where do you live - Hollywood? You might want to name the vet or give a location so I can avoid him or her.

    I know that some medical interventions can be a bit pricey but that sounds like they got the decimal point in the wrong palce. I know someone who had a private MRI scan and all the trimmings for half of that.

    Hope it all turns out well for your dog, Tony.

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    Re: vets

    Quote Originally Posted by tony brownhill
    ------- 431chuffin pounds.
    Tony, just think, for another £44 you could apply to join griffs' syndicate in Dumfries Some think that's expensive!!!
    Seriously though, that's a bit over the top for an overnight stay in a kennel. I hope the dog pulls through, try to encourage him to nip the Vet on the next visit All the best, and a pat for the dog, Cheers, Pete.

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    Vets Bill


    Why don't you give us a breakdown of the bill, ie time of consult/visit, treatment given and tests done?

    Where are you?



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    Vets Bill

    Bandit Country

    Would suggest you check out the exact treatments/investigation undergone by your friends dog. What does private MRI mean??
    You may find that the amount your friend paid was his/her insurance excess/exclusions.



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    Hi tony brownhill,
    I am sorry to hear you slating all vets. Obviously you felt something wrong with your dog initially. What I would suggest you make an appointment with your vet outside consulting hours and have him/her go through the whole procedure step by step explaining in language you can understand as to why all tests were necessary and a possible diagnosis. This is your right as you are the paying client. You should also have a copy of any test results offered. Although sometimes it is not possible to make a specific diagnosis. It sounds as though there has been a breakdown in communication as you should have been 'walked through' the necessary investigations as to what confirmation of suspect signs and symptoms they were seeking. Also what the approximate cost was.
    No practice can afford to have a dissatisfied client which you are.

    Regrettably the days of James Herriot are gone and the regulations have become out of proportion to what they wish to achieve and this adds to costings.

    MRI magnetic resonance imaging. A very expensive procedure carried out by specialists and not available outside universities and a few specialist referral practices on a visiting basis where the machine arrives in a massive van which has to be screened as the magnets are powerful enough to attract very large iron objects.

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    Vets Bill / MRI

    It was the use of the term "private", well aware of MRI technology, particularly as had personal experience!

    Communication is key in business, and it's breakdown is the greatest cause of aggrevation.

    Re-reading the above replies, was the MRI scan performed on an animal or human? If it was human the claim of a £200+ costs is somewhat irrelevant, particularly when we consider the NHS costs to us individually in the form of tax.

    Having said that, who would supposedly give £billions to a business and not ask for business plan or performance figures??

    Oh - that's right Gordon Brown!! Twice over first the NHS and now the Banks.

    Maybe JC was not far of the mark.

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    Sorry folks for future reference and the avoidance of doubt, when I use the term "someone" it refers to a human being. If I meant it was done on a dog I would have said so. The point I was trying to make was that it seems to me that the fee is excessive for an o/n stay at a vets.

    As for slagging off vets generally I have posted here and elsewhere about the excellent service (professional, competent and sympathetic) combined with value for money that I received from my local vet -Arrowfield Veterinary Group in Kington. To recap, my dog got unzipped on some discarded pig netting. She was anaesthetised, had the services of a vet and theatre team, wound debrided, cleaned, packed with antibiotics, sewn up and returned to me, with 7 days antibiotics supplied. Two subsequent consultations to check wound healing and stitch removal - all for the grand total of £93. The job was really well done with no discernable (to me) thickening of the skin at the scar site.

    As for getting a breakdown of costs etc at the outset, Norman, I think the problem is that often folk simply want their dog made 'better'. Most vets I have ever talked to say that the trick is to treat the animal but manage the owner. It sounds like the second bit got a bit neglected in this case?

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