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Thread: New Gerber Range

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    New Gerber Range

    As above really, iv always found Gerber to be quite britle blades but razor sharp. How ever when watching lastnights episode of Field Sports Britain they were on the gerber stand and they showed the new: Gerber Myth Pro Field Dress Kit which looked a nice bit of kit. Now i have no use for a gut hook although i know some do un zip bunnys with them but i normally just use a blad blade on an Opinel 6 or 8. But they also showed the smaller Gerber Myth Compact fixed blad which is a 8cm or 3 1/8th inch blade that was small and flexible and appeared suitable for washing unlike the wood of the gerber !*:yes:

    Looking though there new product catalog :

    Pages: 36,39,41 and 42 all look rather nice*:good:*I wonder what there cost will be though...... which is esp important as i did also liked the look of the new leatherman OHT one hand multi-tool as my current multi tool is US !*

    What are others experiences of gerber ? I hear there warenty is excellent !*:good:

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    But there all made in China now.

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    Has anyone got a uk stockist of these knifes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxylad View Post
    Has anyone got a uk stockist of these knifes?
    I dare say Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories will have them later this year when they start to ship out.
    I must say the smaller one on the report looked good, not sure about the built in sharpener though.


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    I saw that on Fieldsports Britain. It looked a good piece of kit with the Piggyback system of 2 knives. Iv had 2 Gerbers over the last 35 years and they have been sharpened over and over and used for all sorts. I didnt know thet they were now made in China though.
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