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Thread: Popped in today - for some sausage

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    Popped in today - for some sausage

    Hi All,

    I know it's been mentioned a few times especially the "top magic mix" but having scoured the net today looking for a mix supplier I found this place on my own door step!


    They sell a load of wicked professional stock but most impressively was the affordability (don't like the word cheap) of their casing and game mixes.

    I popped in on the off chance - and ended up walking out with a load of professional kit at budget prices!

    They are also clearing out a lot of secondhand kitchen equipment that they have bought in at decent prices, so those of you looking to build your own home larder like me - it's worth a quick call to see what they have left.

    They accept walk in clients as well as next day delivery for those out of area...

    Thought that I would share in the hope that a fellow forum member can benefit



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    thats a good link, let us all know how you get on with making and taste testing

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