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Thread: Red calfs chasing roe doe

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    Red calfs chasing roe doe

    Took the labrador stalking for the first time today, got to the wood just breaking light parked the landy up pressed the remote to lock it but in the wrong sequence and the alarm chimed for two loud beeps s--t pheasants kicking off and a few pigeon clattered out of the tree's just what you need !

    Anyway we set off working around the wood trying to keep the dog to heel we were not doing too badly but the wind was against us .
    We eventually got to a seat about 70yds out there were a half a dozen roe feeding on a patch of clover, by the time i had got the dog sat and climbed up a couple of steps they had sussed me and were off like a shot.
    Decided to try another seat on the other side of the wood where the wind would be more favourable though less chance of seeing deer at this time in the morning as the clock was ticking.

    Nearly got there and straight in front a buck crashed across the ride barking as he left, well thats torn now but i'll give it an hour and see if foxy shows.
    This area is a favorite passing place for foxes and a place i usually bait.
    We had been there about 30 mins the dog behaving himself and taking to his new role a treat when i saw movement through the trees.
    At first i thought it was just roe chasing around but as they got closer to the wood i could see it was a couple of calfs in persuit of a roe doe.
    They gave up chace when they got inside the wood and started to browse, i thought from where they were they would pass wide and go through the cover.
    No they walked straight towards the seat, this was the acid test for the dog he is usually very steady but this is the first time he had seen live deer up close.
    The first calf got to about 15 yds from the dog and jumped back guess the dog had moved, but then they were a bit wary as the passed but didnt seem all that concerened about him really
    I got it all on film although there was nothing shot it was a great morning and a good start for the dog. DF

    here is a little clip of the events

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    That's some fantastic footage you managed to get there
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    Great footage, thanks for posting it up!

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    Cracking video, thats a busy wee seat you have there

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    DF, that is superb. Great footage.

    If your little dog will sit still with all that activity, you have done well with the training. Good on you, I bet you`re chuffed to bits.

    All the best.


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    Nice footage there, and very healthy looking deer.

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    Thanks for the comments the dog is mostly a wildfowling dog but will sit on a peg all day and not budge, next day you can pick up with him and he will crash through briers till he is cut to ribbons to find birds.
    All that and he is still a bit of a fanny if he sees a paper bag blow past he would jump up in your arms and if he sees a hoover well thats another story.
    Dont know how he will fare tracking a wounded deer iv yet to find out but i'll give him his head and see how he go's.
    He doesent miss much normally but iv got a couple of spare ones to try if he fails. DF

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    Nice one mate thanks

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    Many thanks for this - might even take my camera on the next stalk.

    What were you using - the quality seems good?


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    Fantastic footage bob



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