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Thread: info and valueation

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    info and valueation

    Hi guys, i am wondering if anyone can help here, been given this reloading gear to sell for a friend could any members tell me more about the dies and the press please eg value and the workings of the dies is there a resizing die in amongst them?
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    I will give your 'friend' 100 for the lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakotrg View Post
    I will give your 'friend' 100 for the lot
    Are you serious, as much as that?
    Regards Neil

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    rcbs 505 scales are around 100 new so 55 to 60 scond hand is a good price
    the rcbs comp two die set is around 120 new so 60 to 70 second hand is about right if there in good condition.
    looks like a lee 243 case trimmer is in that grey box there about 6 new so say 3 pound

    as for the press i dont know what model it is. doesnt look like a rock chucker unless its the older model. but rcbs make good presses so say 50 to 60 pound for that
    and it looks like he has some more standard 243 dies so price them acording to what they are.

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    jay 22 we seem to be pretty much of a similar mind as regards prices. I think that the press is a rockchucker but I am not absolutely certain as it is slightly different from my own but I do know that mine is the later model.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi 8x57, could you give a fair price as to press in that condiyion secondhand mate?

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    If all the bits are with it and it's in good condition which the photograph seems to indicate, I would estimate 80 -100. After all a new rockchucker costs about 180 now.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thats a Lee Collet sizer, a Lee seater and an RCBS standard seater. In the US that would be $125 worth of stuff.~Muir

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    Hi ive spoken to my friend and everything in the pictures except the competion dies are up for grabs, so i take it the die on the press is not for sale but all the rest is, if some kind members could put a value on this lot as a whole we will take it from there.
    Kindest regards Neil

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    +1 to JAY22 And 8x57 advice. This is good kit.

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