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Thread: How can i??

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    How can i??

    Hi, i need to put some weight back on having lost 4 1/2 stone in as many years due to a medical condition and i can't put my muscle mass back on which is a bummer when i need it.. Do these supplements work without going back to the junk food i used to eat? I eat relatively healthily and don't smoke or drink too much. Any tips?

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    Dont bother supplementing anything bud, healthy diet and exercise, any of these quick fix or supplements are not the best way to go. Remember if you've lost 4.5 stone then you'll need less muscle anyway to get yourself around, but there will be less stress on the system, which for long term health if so much better. Just my thoughts.

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    Agree with norseman, but if you are determined to go down that route, then I believe that the mixes you can buy from 'sports' shops are fairly effective. I know some bodybuilders that swear by them.
    An extra beer and a fish supper every night will do much the same I think.

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    Light and lean is the way to go for long term health - I know, I need to loose three stone. Got most of a stone off since Christmas.

    I would stay away from all and any supplements if you are eating a good diet.

    Lots of low impact exercise - walking, cycling, swimming etc. Eat well and it will look after itself.

    I was 16.5 stone a while back and was at the doctor. He asked me what I though my weight should be - 12.5 stones says I. OK he says - picture yourself 12.5 stone. Now, put 4 stone of sand in a rucksack and carry it about on your back 24 hours a day for the next ten years. What will the wear and tear to you body be after that time?

    Sobering thought.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I had a metabolism lecture recently and the lecturer said that the only real gain you get from protein shakes was from the hormones in them. He said the high protein levels were of little benifit in putting muscle on

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    Will yr missus handle you farting like a trooper when you start on the supplements ?

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    Well. Carbohydrates won't put muscle on, either!
    I had a bit of an opposite problem. A couple of years ago I was about 300 pounds and was nursing the second of two artificial hips. The daughter's wedding coming up. She bought me a membership to the gym and the use of a trainer. I started eating a lot of game meat and salads. When I got to the gym the first time I could bench press 180 pounds. That was mid July. I lost 40 pounds and 6+ inches off of my waist by the wedding the following November, and could then bench press #295. A year and some later, I'm at 266 pounds: gaining weight in muscle mass. I do bench-press 'sets' with 300 pounds and can do inclined leg presses with over 600 pounds. I turn 56 this June and hope to be able to bench press 400 pounds by Christmas.

    Never say Never.~Muir

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    I trained a fair bit when younger and boxed for a while as well.

    I have a few mates that still compete in bodybuilding and they are now in their 40's pushing 50.

    Packing in loads of calories will not gain muscle weight. You will just start to lay down fat again. As has been said already, the protein, which is where your muscle building will come frome, also has to be 'useable' by your body and there are other things to consider in your diet to allow that use and break down of protein.

    It is far too long winded to repeat on this thread and you will no doubt be able to look it up yourself in the interenet, but as Muir above says, lean meat, venison being the best, even better than chicken, is a good source of protein. Although you won't build on carbs you still need a source of them to keep your energy levels up. A tip that I was given before a 2hr training session in the boxing gym, was a packet of jaffa cakes (low fat, high non-complex carbs) or a large piece of swiss roll or similar, as this would give instant energy to help with that training session. If you eat complex carbs (cereals, wholegrain bread etc) they may well not really kick in if you are only training for short periods of time.

    My advice would be to seek out a personal fitness trainer/dietition (no spell check!) to write you a programme of exercise based on your age and also what you want to achieve. It is important to know what you need to eat along with proteins that will help build muscle bulk (but more importantly muscle strength) otherwise you could end up putting an awful lot of effort in with very little gain.

    A mate of mine who never took a single drug/steroid whilst competing, used to say that it was 80% diet and rest, and only 20% actual lifting weights...
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    Jab in The Roids these and a few weights will do the trick for your muscle mass!!!!

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    You need to break muscle to make muscle. Aerobic exercise will develop fitness, where as progressively harder work that tests muscles will create small ruptures within the muscles than when repaired create additional muscle mass. Body builders are not the strongest guys in the world yet they have the greatest muscle mass due to stretching their boundaries every time they train. An exercise routine that mixes repetition of work done with an element of boundary pushing will build strength and mass.
    Only if your body requires protein and amino acids to repair muscles will supplements be of any use, otherwise they will be excreted or converted to stored fat.

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