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Thread: Which rifle for rabbits?

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    Which rifle for rabbits?

    I've just got the rabbit shooting rights over some land on the edge of the village where I live. There are houses, livestock and footpaths nearby. I've previously had a .22rf, but wouldn't want to risk richochets. A .17hmr might be safer, but also noisier (even with a moderator). I'd like a bit more power than a non-FAC air rifle can offer, and a FAC air rifles seem expensive in comparison to rim fires. I suspect I'll have to compromise, but would appreciate any suggestions.
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    I would recomend a FAC air rifle they are expensive but you will not be dissapointed.

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    Steve Beatty at Ivythorn in Somerset has a 50ftlb Daystate in .25 that caught my eye, but at 450 without a scope I would need to save up for a while. Haven't got any experience of FAC air rifles or .25 calibre either.

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    With the Air Rifles you need as big a bottle as you can biggest i know of is a 12l 300bar. which needs to be refilled about every month depending on how often you shoot.

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    You can get 30ft/lb rounds for the .22rf which puts you back in the same range as FAC air, or try the new segmented rounds.

    If you can get to within range then a sub 12fpe air rifle really is the way to go.

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    If you are looking at any type of air rifle be that FAC Or non-FAC i would always sugest a .177. They are a much flatter shooting round.

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    How big an issue is noise really going to be? If it's a rural village will they care much if you let off a few cracks from a moderated HMR? They're not that loud and I personally think they're great for bunny bashing (I know I know, let's not get into another HMR vs 22LR thread - although, I guess the subject of the thread means we will). I've also considered an FAC air rifle, but for the cost it just didn't stack up for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    You can get 30ft/lb rounds for the .22rf which puts you back in the same range as FAC air, or try the new segmented rounds.

    If you can get to within range then a sub 12fpe air rifle really is the way to go.
    If you mean cb longs then you are right, but they have a poor trajectory and it depends on your gun as to whether they will group.

    I use a 22lr or a FAC Rapid with a 280 bottle and get 50 odd shots at 27ftlbs. Shooting squirrels at 50 yards on a good day.

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    I know the 22 has a reputation for richochets, but I have never found them a problem. As for noise, a bolt action 22, with subs and a moderator takes some beating. If not such a problem use yellowjackets. A whole lot cheaper than 17hmr etc.
    Stig, I have never shot a HMR so not able to compare the two.

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    Have noticed a few people expressing concerns over the quality of 17HMR ammunition available now. Apparently it's gone downhill recently and a few people have ended up with a bullet jammed in their rifle barrel?

    I'm currently in a very similar position to you and trying to work out what to do for the best, already shoot sub 12 air-rifle on the land in question and had thought about fac air but for the gain in range not sure the step up to that would be worth it. I'll probably end up with .22lr to be honest (just have to pick where i take my shots from carefully to arrange a suitable backstop.

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