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Thread: heads from the States.

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    heads from the States.

    A friend of mine with a 270 on his ticket is going to the USA on holiday. On a previuos thread it was stated you can recieve heads from the USA by post, or bring them in below a certain cost, applying to all items when returning from holiday. How do you get them put un your FC, is it LEGAL, what would be the issues to recieve via the post, or from a friend I DONT want to lose from ignorance of the law. I know the are members out there with opinions on this but do we have any members in the leagal proffesion WHO DEFINATELY KNOW. I know theres previuos posts but I will be going to the states myself next year, on a previous trip I drooled over the price of heads in WALLMART, would love to wheel a trolley with some mixed up with household goods. deerwarden

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    Contact BASC or the police force issuing the licence. All items controlled within the UK should be "entered" on the FAC by the US seller. Yes, I know it sounds stupid, and that UK law hasn't extended to the US since 1776. But UK law will apply as soon as you enter the UK.

    Soft point bullets MUST be conveyed in the UK by a s5 carrier. They can't be sent via post in UK. Full jacket bullets can as, of course, they don't require any licence control.

    Empty cases also. No problem.

    FWIW I really wouldn't bother and just stick to things like reloading dies, presses, used American optics, 'scope rings and mounts etc., etc.

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    Having visited the states on a number of occassions over the years, I have brought back into the UK all manner of clothes scopes and equipment in my main luggage bag, infact twice over two of us had to buy another large bag to put all the new stuff in, this included bullet heads.

    Apart from my friend putting some fishing lures in his hand luggage, which they did not like in the States, I have never had a problem. I bought back several scopes one year, in my hand luggage, and the security guy in the states looked at me and asked if I hunted. I replied yes and he smiled and said that the scopes I had bought were the ones he used, Leuopold.

    As far as I am aware, if you buy bullet heads the calibre must be on your ticket, put them in your main luggage, not hand luggage. Make sure you have your British FA Certificate with you in case you are asked, and make sure you do not exceed the amount you are allowed to own. Unless there is some hidden law then I do not see an issue, or at least I havnt come across one yet !!

    But I might be wrong

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    Ammunition (I assume this applies to projectiles) is one of those things which is 'controlled' in a customs sense and therefore if you are permanently exporting/importing them you need an import or export license.

    I have done this - but like you have also carried them in a suitcase (and sometimes even had them on my cert!)

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    Ammunition (I assume this applies to projectiles) is one of those things which is 'controlled' in a customs sense and therefore if you are permanently exporting/importing them you need an import or export license.

    I have done this - but like you have also carried them in a suitcase (and sometimes even had them on my cert!)

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    You can take heads back with you as long as you have the calibre stated on your ticket, and as Sikamalc has stated you would be better to have your certificate with you for our customs officers. There would be no problem in keeping the receipt and putting them onto your certificate if you wanted to, but there is no need for that either.


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    I always find this question fascinating.
    What kind of heads are people proposing to import? Human heads, fish heads, animal heads, all would surely be against the law.
    However, if you mean BULLETS, so you can produce finished ROUNDS or CARTRIDGES then it's not quite so tricky and can be done legally.
    I know that there is an issue with purchasing soft point ammo but there is nothing on my ticket which states that I am limited to any quantity of bullets, soft point or otherwise. I do have a limit to the number of complete rounds I may posess in any given calibre but there is no limit to the number of component parts I may posess, be it primers, cases or bullets.
    There is though, a limit to the amount of powder, 5 kg inclusive.
    Check your tickets and come back and discuss.
    All the best

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    The one thing you must consider is that certain forces will allow you to keep as many soft points as you want for home loading while others count bullets as rounds and I would clarify this with you FLO. If you can only have a handful it's hardly worth the bother.

    Also to remain with the letter of the law you may find you will have to go through red channel and declare them, most people don't but remember when pleading ignorance it's not an excuse in law.

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    I couldn't agree more with you! Bullet is the correct term and not the sloppy chav term "head". The head of a cartridge is on at the base and usually carries information such as maker and calibre.

    As regards the maximum number of "expanding missiles" as the Home Office refers to them that you may possess at any one time, these are counted in the maximum number of rounds that you may possess regardless of whether they are assembled cartridges or not.
    Expanding missiles do not need to be specifically mentioned on the certificate as long as your conditions include sporting use e.g. stalking or vermin control.

    Now stand by and await the arguements, all I will say is refer back to the Home Office Guidance to Police document.

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    I think this is one of those areas that changes due to FEO interpretation or
    Police firearms unit thinking. When I had my interview for my grant which was in October last year I asked my FEO what her stance was on this point. Her reply was that she was only interested in assembled rounds of ammunition and not how many component parts I held. Think I would get a sticky smack on the wrist if I was to be stupid and go OTT, just to be on the safe side I do not exceed my FAC limit for assembled rounds that I can hold, in the number of bullets I have.
    Do you have to have the number of FMJ's stated on your ticket if you wish to hold them. Not that I have, was more a FYI question???

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