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Thread: application help dsc1

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    application help dsc1

    i spoke to a lady at the bds this morning about dsc1 in cornwall in september she told me to bring up the website and print off an app form
    because she cant take payment for the course till she recieves the form so i did the web site bit and lo and behold it in windows office and i cant download because i got windows home 7 i phoned computer shop and they said got to purchase office as it dosent come with a new laptop does any one out there could e mail me a printable version of the application form or print one and send it me for say a tenner plus postage i am so fed up of of these f###ing firms that if you buy somthing then have to pay out more for add ons that were already on the old computer when we bought it i could honestly
    smash this f###ing pc to atoms ...........piszed off foxxer

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    send me a pm with your address i will print it off for you,atb wayne

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    is it a full course or a 1 day ?

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    application dsc1

    thanks lads for your kind help 4 day course in padstow 20th /24th sept hopefully sorted

    thank god for this forum

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    Subsequently, you can avoid being held to ransom by Microsoft by using LibreOffice instead:

    It does everything Office does and it's free.

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    d. foxxer

    Even the base versions of Windows 7 (Starter or Home Premium) comes with Microsoft Office installed. That's on every new PC or laptop.
    Some come only with a 3-month trial version so perhaps that expired without your noticing it.

    I'm not sure that LibreOffice will overcome the problem in this case, although it says it'll open and import MS Word files. The BDS site attempts to set up a dialogue with MS Word (WinWord.exe) which needs to be installed on your PC, and (on mine at least) also comes up with a protective security warning.

    Pine Marten

    As the LibreOffice package has it's own word processor I can't try this out or simulate it as MS somehow just takes over. Can you fill out the form in native LO to prove it all works. If so, that's a good tip of yours for future use.
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    Word is probably set up as your default word processor, and Windows really doesn't like you uninstalling it as it's tied in to all the other Office stuff. But if rather than directly opening the form, you download it first, right-click on it and select "Open with..." and choose "LibreOffice Writer", you should be fine. I had the 3 month trial version of Office and got rid of it.

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    I use OpenOffice and the form can be downloaded easily with it , OpenOffice is a frre package available from

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    +1 for Open Office.

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    thanks lads all sorted now i just wasnt impressed when the chap in comet told me i had to buy the office disc or i wont be able to download documents or type any
    and saying that it used to be installed as standardon the older pc s i am not very good with pc sand dont understand a lot of stuff on them but as we have done lots
    of stuff wiyh comet over the years ie washing machines and the rest of the household stuff i just felt shafted at 69 for a disc that should have been already installed on the pc it me or did i have a blonde moment anyway all sorted thanks to you lot on here cheers foxxer

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