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Thread: Reds casting antlers already.

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    Reds casting antlers already.

    Our Reds have started to cast their antlers. This seems earlier than usual, has any else noticed a change?

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    Plenty of cast antlers down here, earliest ive found them this year is end Feb, although this isnt unusual at all for my area.

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    First ones cast here on the 15th, that is about ten days ahead of normal here.

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    End of feb is norm for them to start I thought??

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    Not around here. Around last week in march.

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    Was going down long hill into whaley bridge yesterday and a stag ran stright across the road in front of me out of the fields trying to get to the woodland other side, it had only one antler, it jumped the fence but got the balance wrong with head on one side and fell over the netting, pulled over but it was up and gone, first one i have seen like that

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    I have never seen it, but the wife has actually seen tha antlers fall off, three times!

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    saw a roe buck clean of velvet that looked a young six pointer, much earlier than I would expect around my area.

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