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Thread: About as low as it gets

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    About as low as it gets

    I saw this earlier in the week, just can't believe that someone could actually do such a thing.

    Is this really what the children of our once great nation of animal lovers has now grown to think of as fun?
    The behaviour and morals of has reached an all time low, it is a shame we can't roast a couple of the little b*st*rds that did this let them know just how much fun it really can be

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    youth of today

    im not surprised with the state of this country
    the goverment has turned this country into a complete nanny state
    the kids now a days run the schools not the teachers
    gone are the days when the kids had any respect for there elders
    butt with thought whose fault is it the kids or there parents
    10 year old kids out on the street till late just so they are out of there parents hair
    sorry rant over
    all the best bruxie

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    Between Blair and Brown but exs. Brown they have laid waste to any idea of responsibility, all people do now is manage and not produce. Health and saftey. pension losses. greedy bankers. bring back punishment for those who think they can break the law and stop free handouts. This country is doomed

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    What exactly is the close season on these little bastar*s. I sometimes pay for stalking and I'd sure as hell pay good money to rid this planet of some of the shi*e that is around these days.

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    now now boys dont turn this into a banardos ad
    just beach the bast**ds before we hang a few

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    The police ought to be allowed to roast their feckin sweetbreads over an open camp fire; Ray Mears style

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