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    eka swingblade

    has anybody got one of these knives, been well pleased with it, then lost it because the plastic sheath they come in has broken?? , imo very poor sheath for a very good knife

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    Write a very nice email asking for a replacement to EKACONTACT

    You never know your luck...

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    its worth a try, but wont hold my breath !

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    How did you manage to break the sheath?

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    dont no, when i came to bleed the deer the only part of the sheath that was still with me was the part were it fits on to your belt, it had snapped off were it piviots, as i said very poor idea ! so now got to get a replacement knife with better sheath , very dissapointed, the out door edge sheath is better and cheaper

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    I had a plastic sheath on another type of knife, it broke and I nearly lost the knife. Since then I have only used leather or nylon. They are not as clean and need to be cleaned/oiled etc now and again, but at least you can see if they are about to go.

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    I have one and i am very pleased with it. I am going to look for a new sheath now.......

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    Have a look here:
    Thinking of getting 1 too!


    (sorry just noticed someone else posted the link earlier)
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