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Thread: .308 N140 advice required,

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    .308 N140 advice required,

    Im currently waiting for the arrival of my new .308 Remington 700 police and was woundering what loads people use. I stated N140 as its the same powder as what i load my .223.
    Any recommendations on bullet selection and powder weight would be helpful.

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    I use 150 hornady N140 43.8 in my tikka T3 great round


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    44.6 grains of N140 behind sierra 125 grain spitzer, 2660 fps, and groups at half inch, cci 200 primers in lapua brass, works a treat for me

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    For relatively inexpensive bullets I found that 150 grain Hornady Spire Points shoot well in my 308, they are very accurate and give me amazing velocity though that is with RL15. They have also performed well on deer and I never recovered one though I did have one badly damaged carcass but stuff like that happens some times.

    I have recently been playing with 150 grain Nosler Partitions and they also shoot well, though not as well as the Spire Points and I had to ease back on the powder charge with them. However my experience with the Partitions has been that they have performed even better than the Spire Points on deer (red and sika) with rapid expansion of the front core, complete penetration and very little meat damage where I clip a shoulder.

    I also loaded some 165 grain Sierra Gamekings and they shot very well and were probably the most accurate bullet I've tried in my rifle. The 110 grain V-Max that I loaded for plinking because I got some at a reasonable price were also very accurate with seemingly every load I tried. The V-Max were the bullets I used to learn reloading.

    I use RL15 for everything so I can't comment on the powder.

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    I use 47 grains of N140 behind a Sierra 125 grain 2120 SPT, Lapua case and CCI primer. Works for me through a 20" barrel.

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    its a great powder the n140 once you have worked a load, i use it in 243 as well to great effect

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    45 grains n140 behind a 150grn hornady interlock sp.

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    I use 43.3gr N140 with 150gr VMAX - less than 1" @100yds.

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    46g N140 with speer flat base 150g gives 2900fps out of my 24 in barrel...accurate, sweet shooting, flat trajectory and behaves well on roe

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    I have a Remington 700 LRT 26" 1 in 12 twist and use Sierra 155g with 41,8gns with great effect out to 300m.

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