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Thread: Early start,but,worth it..................

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    Early start,but,worth it..................

    I was up over the valley this morning for about 0600hrs,and,it was nice and light because of all of the snow on the ground.I was on my new bit of permission,and,after some venison,so,wrapped up nice and warm I tried to quietly make my way up the side of the market garden,but,the snow was so frozen it sounded like I was walking on bubble wrap.It was pointless trying to keep quiet,so I decided to make my way as quickly as possible to where I was going to set my ambush.It was hard going to be honest,as it is very steep,and with the crunchy snow that wouldn't quite hold your weight(well mine anyway)it made it even worse.But,as I rounded the corner 3/4's of the way up I saw the unmistakeable shape of a Muntjac Buck.It was coming out of the top of the wood that I had just walked up beside,I dropped to the floor with the intention of getting a shot,but,even with a sharp bark he just carried on his way without even acknowledging me.I readied myself hoping that he would present me with another chance as he scurried on up through the wood,He on the other hand hadn't read the script,and,he failed to stop in an opening at all,and,he wandered off up and out of sight.I pulled myself up to my feet,and,brushed the snow off,and,I got into place.The farmer had a largish heating oil tank,and,he had rested the loader part of his tractor on it,so,it made a nice little hide(of sorts),well it was enough to break up my outline,and,I could shoot off the bipod on top of the tank.I settled in for a bit of a wait,the time was about 0700hrs by now,and,there wasn't a breath of wind.I watched a couple of rabbits across in the next field scampering in the snow,and,a Cock pheasant was pecking the tips off the leeks that were just about poking through the snow,it was lovely to be a part of the countryside on a morning like this.I was then interupted by the sound of footsteps crunching through the snow,so,I slowly turned around,and,there he was again,my little friend the Muntjac was back.And,better still,he was heading for open ground,I rested the rifle on the frame of the loader,and watched him slowly creeping through the undergrowth.This little lad certainly didn't want to make it easy on me,as he had decided open ground wasn't a good idea after all,and,turned back into the undergrowth.The undergrowth(Bramble and dead Burdock)did have a few openings that might give me a chance,so I just waited,and,regulated my breathing.He came around the back of a large fir tree,and,stopped just long enough for me to take a shot.As I shot he crumpled into a heap,and,gave one small kick,and,then just led there in the crisp white snow.I cycled another round,and,waited for a few minutes just to see if anything else would make an appearance,but,nothing,so,I made my way up the field.He was as dead as a door nail,but,I noticed a big crease across his nose,and,one of his tusks was snapped right off,I think that as I shot he must of licked his side,and,as the bullet exited it went across his tusk and snout.I carried him back to my makeshift hide,and hung him on the loader arm.I settled back in the hide,and,I had to wait about a half an hour before any other movement,and,that was a good sized Charlie.He was walking up the side of a Xmas tree plantation in the next field,so I gave him a little squeek,and,with that he started to race into me,I was following him in the scope,when he stopped(not sure if he winded me)and,started to head off up the field to my left,so,I gave a small bark,and that was enough to stop him,and,the next thing he knew was a 100gn bit into him,it entered his shouder,and then tore a huge hole out of his stomach........a real 'Sausage Shot'. His head turned over to try to bite the entry wound,and then he settled down to sleep forever.I did wait around for a while longer,but,that was all that I would see,although there was another Munty barking from the woods,and,as I had a long walk home,I though that he would keep for another day.As I was making my way back along the lane I saw the farmer cutting a cabbage for his Sunday meal which he said would be Venison haunch(I dropped one into him the other night).He was very happy to see the munty on my shoulder,and,after a few words I set off for home with a smile on my face and a spring in my step,mind you by the time I got home I felt like I had done a marathon.....

    And,the entry/exit from the inside........

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    rem write up

    hi reminton,brill write up,glad you got him in the end,well worth getting up early for . andy

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    cracking start for your new ground ace write up
    well done mate
    regards Trapper

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    reMington nice write up and excellent pictures
    as you say its like walking on bubble wrap in this snow

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    Nice one ( or two ) Martin

    Good to see the new ground producing


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    great write up and photos, on the little bit of land i cover i have fallow only (i'm not complaining), i didn't realise the muntie's when shown next to the fox were that small . the only one's i have seen were in field from the M4 so could not get a true prospective of the size

    we could do with a few thousand of them here in my part of wales , they would go down a scream. i haven't hunted any muntie's as of yet but i love the idea of the small loan independant deer .

    enjoy the new bit of land...........neil

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    Excellent post Martin. Great write up.
    Now you can look up your own post on how to butcher the Munty!!

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    Cracking account of a very good morning and you didn't do Charlie any favours either.

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    Very good write up enjoyed the read well done,


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