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Thread: Poacher Convicted

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    Poacher Convicted

    Grampian Police has welcomed the sentencing of 32-year-old Tarrin Bremner at Peterhead Sheriff Court for shooting a deer near Memsie.

    Bremner shot and killed a deer on September 22 last year without the proper licence to do so. He was fined £300 and had his ammunition forfeited.

    Wildlife Crime Officer PC Gavin Lindsay said: "Poaching is a wildlife crime prioritity and we welcome the sentencing.

    "We continue to work closely with partner agencies and members of the public to take positive steps to counter deer poaching.

    "In addition, we carry out awareness raising initiatives to assist members of the public to recognise wildlife crime in its various forms and report it to the Police.

    "We are always keen to hear from anyone who has information or concerns about deer poaching or other wildlife crimes in their area."

    Scott Petrie is North East Regional Manager for Scottish Land & Estates, sits on the Grampian Partnership for action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) and also Chairs the Grampian PAW Education Subgroup.

    He said: "We welcome this sentencing and see it as a good example of what can be achieved by agencies working in partnership against wildlife crime.

    "Policing this sort of crime is clearly challenging. It is imperative that those living and working in rural areas are aware of this illegal activity and act as the eyes and ears of the countryside.

    "We will continue to work with Grampian Police and encourage our farming and estate members to do likewise to ensure further progress in combating this area of serious rural crime."

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    Did he have his fire arms revoked ? if not whats the point in a £300 fine as a few more carcasse will pay the fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    Did he have his fire arms revoked ? if not whats the point in a £300 fine as a few more carcasse will pay the fine.
    It didn't specifically mention however as part of the legal process, I would imagine they would have been seized and he can say bye bye to his FAC now as well.
    I think it should have been his firearms revoked instead of his ammo but that what it said.

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    It just really pee's me off it just seems to be fines only lately nothing else.
    It was about 13 months ago a chap was caught poaching in th act not to far from me fire arms licence kept with just a fine of about £350, they should alter the law and class poaching GBH serve maxuim sentence.

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    If they don't take his FC off him there woz no point doing him in the first place

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    Oh, I've lost my ammo - where's the RCBS press... Nuts.

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    £300? I've seen people fined more for not having a rod Licence. Was involved with a case of men trying to poach Salmon and Sea trout years ago, when we caught them in the water they hadn't even caught anything and they had £450 each plus costs, so about £750 each in total. As weeman said PATHETIC.


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    You would think that with a criminal conviction, automatic revocation of his FAC would be the case. I have heard that it is not always the case. Probably human rights law, "it would infringe my human right to be a poacher milud"

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    Well i am not sure if this really is important in its achievement most on here suffer from poaching across the land they manage so one caught out of hundreds is in my opinion a failure to deliver but i must admit to wanting the police to concentrate on crimes that effect me more like drink drugs and violence.
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    Given that it was up north in the Peterhead area, maybe they looked at the overall picture,
    Plenty up there are being pressured for not shooting enough deer, and they only caught him taking one! so maybe they never saw it as a massive problem.

    Different if every deer counted up there, but the truth is, they don`t shoot enough, through trying to get every penny out of stalkers, so like I say, maybe the Judge never viewed it as a major probem.

    Devils advocate. I hate people that shoot other folks deer.

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