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Thread: Snipersystems long Bipod

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    Snipersystems long Bipod

    Has anyone got one of the snipersystems long bipods (13"-27"), are they any better and lighter than the Harris? atb Tim

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    Can't fault it - build quality good and the ease of adjustment of the tilt is nice too (wing handle rather than the knurked knob, so easier to use). 27in is 4 higher than the Harris - haven't got one to compare directly, but have no issue with this one on height at all. So better? - at least as good and yes if you factor price. Lighter? - comparing 9-13's then marginally, yes.

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    I got a snipersystems bipod and what I found is that the rubber pads that are suposed to prevent damage to your stock are not glued on well enough. They're not long or wide enough either allowing them to slip down during use so the metal comes into contact with the stock and damages it. I was not a happy bunny.
    I supose this may not be an issue if you have a synthetic stock but be warned if you have a nice bit of wood. I know they're cheaper but I'd save the pennies and get a Harris instead.
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    I have the 9-13 inch sniper systems bipod. I bought it as a direct match for a Harris, to stop me having to swap the Harris from gun to gun.
    I found the build quality not as good, and generally found it lacking the 'feel' of the Harris. A number of things, nothing major in itself, but all together I found I preferred th Harris.
    Next time I bought a bipod it was a Harris, at almost twice the price I got the SS one for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerealthriller View Post
    I got a snipersystems bipod and what I found is that the rubber pads that are suposed to prevent damage to your stock are not glued on well enough.
    I had the same thing with a Rockmount and also a Deben, never happened with both Harris units I have.

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    And the company that sell the sniper systems stuff aren't the best. In fact they're a bunch of sheisters and their customer service is appalling. I'd steer well clear!

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    Seems to be a bit of a concensus here.

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    i have a snipersystems bipod and think its outstanding.....cant fault it. i have mine on a sako 75 markings at all. i would have no hesitation in recommending them and infact i have to every shooter i know. cheers

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    Thanks for the advice, I already have the Harris version but I am looking to buy a second bipod and wished to find out if there was anything lighter and improved available as the Harris design has been around a while. Given what has been said I think that I am most likely to get another Harris, unless someone has another make that they can recommend. atb Tim

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    i had one, it fell to bits and sent it back got a full refund (with haggling and soliciters letter).

    i always stick to harris and had no probs with them.

    snipersystems bipod a big no no for me im afraid!!.

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