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Thread: Savage thoughts

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    Savage thoughts

    has anyone thought about/tried the Savage model 12 VLP DPM (I think), which is the varmint, fluted, laminated, stainless, etc. rifle from Savage Arms?

    I am thinking of either a .223 or 22-250 which is available in both this and the lighter ventilated sporter version.

    any comments/feedback/experience and or thoughts about calibre choice (will be used for fox, rook, crows, maybe backup roe rifle, off bonnet, bipod, quad or out the window of the car).

    thanks in advance.

    it's $1K in the US - what is it here and where can I get one?

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    I have shot a lot of Savage rifles and have found them to be smooth and accurate. I have just recently picked up one of their basic-grade rifles (used) in .223 to rebarrel to 30 Whisper. I deliberately haven't shot it because I'm afraid it will shoot bug-hole groups and I won't want to pull the barrel!~Muir

    PS: In reading many, many posts about US goods sold in the UK, the exchage rate seems to be Dollar to the Pound, minimum.

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    As Muir noted, it is kind of hard to go wrong with a Savage rifle. They just tend to shoot. There have been some complaints of rough bores (I've had a few like that), but they always shot, and eventually smoothed out after some use.

    I think (as of last count) I have at least seven of them in some form or another (all center fire) sitting in the safe. As they can be easily rebarreled in the garage with just a go-gauge and a wrench (plus barrel vise), they have become very popular here for project guns. Make no mistake, they can be a bit rough asthetically, but what they lack in visual appeal, they more than make up for in accuracy and reliability. As the saying goes "The only interesting guns, are accurate ones".

    Savages are also beginning to garner quite a bit of after market support. Bolt handles, stocks, bottom metal etc.; there's quite a bit you can do with them, and for an affordable price to boot. I've been eyeballing a new stock that is out for them, and am very close to dropping the hammer on it (XLR stock). I have rifles in .223, .20 Tactical, .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .17 Mach IV, & .243. All have been capable of 1/2" groups (or better with handloading).

    Muir, that barrel and dies are sitting on the shelf, waiting for your arrival (I think I even know where the formed brass is ).

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    i ran a savage in 308 for a few months and it was fantastic, the trigger is a bit of a thing to get used too, but i have nothing but good things to say about it, the lad i sold it too has been using it out to 1,000 yards and says its a cracking tool,

    i must admit i would like to try one again in the future, so if and when the 20tac goes i may have another in 223.

    well built and shoot sweet,

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    mine is also a sweet shooter the build quality of these rifles seem to be above and beyond really solid the 12 bvss is not a stalking tool due to
    the weight but as a longer range fox rifle ie bait an wait just the job accurate as ninepence only got it for sale cos of the 20tac but no cant fault
    it heavy but nice charlie dosent like tho

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    I have a Savage 93HMR thumbhole and its a great rifle, so much so that when i got .223 i looked very closely at getting a model 11 laminate thumbhole , gets a very good write up , is fairly light and from experience of my HMR and other Savages it would be a shooter. The only place i found with them was Mcavoys Gun shop but just too much of a trip from London and i got a very good deal on a new Sako 85 so didnt go any further with the Savage. Have just looked at Mcavoys site and they seem to have stopped stocking them so not sure who else stocks them.

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    I picked up a Savage 111 synthetic 22-250 a few weeks ago for 250 second hand.
    Sat and zeroed it last week and was really impressed - just cannot fault it, light, accurate and well screwed together.

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    thats a good deal,

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