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Thread: tikka m595 stainless laminated

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    tikka m595 stainless laminated

    hi guys anyone know of a stainless tikka m595 laminated for sale. must be in good condition.

    in 222 or 223 calibre. dont need rings bases,scope or mod etc just the rifle

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    You seen the one on guntrader Jamie?


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    Yes mate there abit much though for what i have in mind for it.
    They look in good condition though

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    They do look nice. Im tempted to sell the T3 and buy one. You wanting to rebarrel it?


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    i have a 17 lined up but unless my fireball sells I could miss out on it. i cant expect the owner to keep it to long it wouldn't be fair on him. and he has a lot of interest at the moment.

    so keeping options open at the moment. to be fair it the fireball doesnt sell it will be no hardship. i went out with my cousin tonight on a little 150 acre patch of ground not far from home.

    had a couple of foxes come steaming into the fox pro caller but soon as light was on them they where gone. i think the land owner has a hmr and he pops the odd fox off every so often, so maybe he has spooked a couple.

    had 8 rabbits which was a shock for there. because its not a piece of ground that's has ever hold great numbers of them. but the fireball was knocking heads off them for fun up to 160 yards out on a couple of shots.

    great watching the bunnys fall over then hear the noise report back from the rifle

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    still looking guys. keep a look outin your local gun shops for me

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    now sorted thanks for your help anyway guys

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