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Thread: Thank you to Jelen Deer

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    Thank you to Jelen Deer

    A few weeks ago I approached Jelen Deer Services asking for some help, speaking to Simon I explained that one of my senior customers and 5 others had formed a group called ‘Six Ordinary Men Doing Extraordinary Things’. ( The group have decided to do a charity walk to the North Pole at the end of march 2012 to raise money for the children's charity, Sparks. All 6 men are funding the expedition themselves in order to maximise the amount they raise and have paid about £25k each out of their own pockets. They are hoping to raise some £250k for the charity by completing this expedition to the North Pole. During the walk to the pole they will be required to be armed due to the threat from Polar bears and this is where I asking Jelen if they could be of some assistance.

    I asked if Jelen Deer could provide a basic firearms awareness session for the group and give them the opportunity to use and practice operating a bolt action rifle with their thermal clothing on in a safe and supervised environment? Obviously operating a rifle in such extreme conditions and temperatures will host a whole new set of challenges as they will be wearing thick thermal clothing, any practice that they could get would benefit them before going on the expedition. Although some of the group have a basic knowledge of shotguns they had very little rifle experience and a session on using a rifle safely would be extremely beneficial.

    Mike kindly agreed to provide this training free of charge and on the 16th of March we all met at the Jelen office for one of Donavan's safety talks and then went to the range for some practical awareness.
    Speaking to the guys that attended they really found the session interesting and extremely useful, they where particularly impressed with the professional service and interest shown by Mike and his team.

    So a big thank you to Mike and the team at Jelen Deer for their time in providing the awareness training, it was greatly appreciated.


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    Well done guys and well done jelen

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    Wow, don't fancy the walk but good for them for having the balls to do it and well done Mike for providing the service.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Good on you mike many wouldnt have bothered

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    GOOD luck chaps a worthy cause

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    Well done Mike, you guys deserve it! You do do some great work for your clients paid or unpaid!

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    Good on Jelen, and good luck to the walkers. I wish I could do that walk!

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    Hi Guys,

    It was areal pleasure to be involved in such a worthwhile cause. I'm pleased we could be of help, and on behalf of Jelen Group I would like to wish all you guys the best on the long walk.

    We will certainly be encouraging others to support this worthwhile charity, and we are providing a day's stalking in the Roe deer rut this year for the lucky winner who donates just £10.00 for the charity.

    Donate £10.00 to the charity, and mark on your donation JELEN DEER and we will ask one of the 6 ordinary men to pick out the winning donor on July 15th this year for two stalks in the Roe deer rut in the first week of August.

    Dig deep guys, and win a day's stalking for a tenner whilst supporting these 6 ordinary men achieve the extraordinary.

    Regards, and thank you all for your kind comments.

    (Director -Jelen Deer Services)

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