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Thread: Cheap spoting scope.

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    Cheap spoting scope.

    any one starting out in stalking or just can not afford the top brands, Get your self to ALDI noticed they have ther spoting scope in again £27. 00 I have had mine for about 2 years for the money they are brill, used mine on the range and on the hill with no problems, served very well.

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    A mate went and got 3 today, I got first dibbs on one. Cant go wrong at that price

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    Given the "great Brown" and his economic genius I think that £27.00 against 35.00Ä isn't bad either. See it here:

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    my mistake they are £26.00. SAVE A POUND. put it in the trolley when you fill up with scopes .. The whiskys not bad either.

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    What is the general consensus on these scopes? I was in my local ALDI today to buy some cheap gardening stuff and they had about a dozen of the scopes left.

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    I tried my new mega expensive spotting scope on the range the other day, and I am not sorry to say that it was fine. They are German made and for the money I think it was great value. Ok its not a swarovski or Schmidt, I save them for my rifles but for range work or long range spotting it will do the job just fine.
    Cheers Aldi

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    Why do you need a spotting scope? surely, if you have a decent pair of binos then you don`t need "spotting scopes"
    Personally, i don`t won`t to see deer stalking dragged into "You can`t do it without..............?
    A decent pair of binos. The best scope you can buy. (after all, you can`t shoot it if you can`t see it) the rifle is secondary.
    I`m a comparative newby but even i can see some holes here.
    Am i right?

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    As far as stalking in this country is concerned, we donít tend to use them or have need to, but you will find that they are imperative when hunting abroad particularly up in the mountains. When I was hunting in Canada (see trophy room Ė my Shoulder mount Elk arrived last week!) we spent a lot of time looking at beasts way up in the mountains to asses its antlers were over 12 points and therefore legal to shoot. Stalking up there is very different and it can take several days walking to get within shooting distance. It is therefore important to know the animal you are going for is legal. Where I was in BC the Elk had to be 12 points or more.

    I didnít have a spotting scope nor range finder but my guide did. It was a Swarovski with a massive Objective lens and it was amazing how clear you could see deer that you could barely see with the naked eye!

    Stalking Mouflon and chamois in Austria they all use spotting scopes a lot too.

    I quite fancy just having one in the car. I am always stopping on the side of roads and having a gander at the deer lying out in the field. Iím sure itís something we all do here on the site. I find it quite difficult not to stop in fact!!


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    A spotting scope is a handy tool in the springtime in my area when I'm out after Roe Bucks. You can have a good look at a beast away across a 50 acre field and see if he's a likely candidate!
    I've got a 30x60 Optolyth rubber armoured drawtube style scope in a leather case, second hand off German Ebay for £140 delivered. Used it for a couple of years now, It's perfect for the job.


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    I got one to use on the range so I can see the holes in the target so I dont have to go forwards every 3 shots.

    It is also usefull for going up a big hill and spotting 1K away then you can stalk in from there.


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