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Thread: Rem Corel lokt

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    Rem Corel lokt

    Trying to find the bullet coefficent number for a 264 (6.5mm) 140 grain core-lokt, cant find it anywhere...even on the packaging!
    Does anyone know it please?

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    0.384 according to Swarovski ballistic programme

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    Thanks for that guys , I wonder if the Swaro one i due to th bullet speed , ie I would think the factory loded version wil be woefully slow for the American market for old Swede actions so the BC is low too. I know whn I have reloaded using bullet manufactuers info the speeds of my other bullets have been pathetic to say the least when sticking to 46.5 grain maxs they give. I have gone off Vihts info for my other loads and hell what a diference , oh and not a sign of pressure.

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