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Thread: Afternoon All!

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    Afternoon All!

    Hi There, being forced to introduce myself reminds me of my first day of school!

    Anyways, My names Rob, visited this forum a fair few times before but never got round to registering! Lots of brilliant information and advice on here!

    About me, im 22, I live near Ashford, Kent. I worked part time as a gamekeeper for a few years before being forced to pursue a different career due to lack of money lol. Ive worked as a tree surgeon, general builder and now currently have my own electrical contracting business.

    Always been into shooting. Started with shotguns, then got lured into rifles. I currently have 1 winchester o/u 12 bore, 1 pump action (cant remember what brand), 1 cz silhouette .22lr, 1 cz varmint .17hmr and hopefully soon 1 .243 (most likely tikka t2 lite).

    99% of my shooting is lamping, although I do occasionally manage to get out pigeon shooting.

    Hoping to get into stalking more, variation is just going through at the moment with deer condition on it. Hence registering on here. Hoping to gain some of insight from on here!

    Anyway, hope to get to know some of you better



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    Hi and welcome
    Best of luck with the variation. Ashford is right on the edge of deer spread isnt it? Not much in the way of deer SE of you, towards Dover.

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    Thanks Pilgrimmick, yes your right, further east there isnt a whole lot going on but numbers in the Ashford area seem to be on the rise. Been looking at some paid stalks east sussex way so hopefully might find some recommendations on here! Just noticed your in west Scotland, have you been to Kent much?


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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