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Thread: How much meat does 4 roe deer make. Cheak it out.

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    How much meat does 4 roe deer make. Cheak it out.

    Like to thank Brian, Kevin and Andrew of the SD site for coming to leicester for a Skinning and Butchery Course today.
    We had 4 roe deer supplied by Brian (woodfordfallow) off the SD for the guys to practice on. Its great to pass on something I have done for years and do it with ease.
    But even I was impressed with the yeild off these 4 animals

    61lb of venison sausage
    18lb diced
    8 topside haunch joints
    8 loins and fillets

    The sausage making and linking is always a crowd pleaser
    There are 3 freezers in Britain a little fuller and 3 people having venison sausage for breakfast tomorrow..
    Great day and all were great company

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    Looks impressive Andrew, great job!

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    WOW!!...They must have been some serious sized roe to get 8 LIONS out of them!!

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    need to stop eating my dinner and pay more attention. Thank you

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    Looking forward to my turn on your next one the 31st.


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    Well done I bet it was a great day are you doing any more in the future ?

    Atb Andy

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    Yes have a place spare on the 31 march then I will be advertising for April and may soon.

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    thanks for a great day andy......learnt a lot and had a good laugh in the process....... those sausages are going to go down a treat over every meal i have for the next week. cheers buddy

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    Great day, got a feeling that I am going to be sick of venison sausages for a while after I've finished this lot!

    Well worth the journey, Andy showed us how to get the most from the carcasses and delivered an enjoyable day.

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    that lot come in useful with bbq season almost on us, its been glorious at easter for the last four or five years up here, dont forget the sauce

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