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Thread: Shotshell Reloading

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    Shotshell Reloading

    I am currently buying 1000 28g fiber wads in 7.5 in 12 bore for 165.

    Mainly to be used in sporting clay shooting. Usage is about 1000 every 6 weeks.

    Is anyone a current regular shotshell loader and can you indicate if it is financially worth me starting to reload 12b. I have no equipment but could get some as a significant discount.

    The prices in the last 3 years for these cartridges has jumped from 120 to over 160 and that is with buying 3000 at a time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you price the components, its not worth doing, unless you need large shot or other special loads,

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    You may find that at some clay shoots re-loads are not permitted especially ones under CPSA rules and regulations. [Safety and welfare.]

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    Thanks for your comments so far! I am not competing at the moment so if I can save some cash by loading then it is a worth while exercise of on your advice its not, then I will keep handing over my hard earned cash!

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    speek to Stephen Dales at clay and game reloading he is the bloke to speek to, he is the only big company in the uk that can give you this advice and a good bloke that knows his stuff give him a bell !!

    Kingston Shot Co Ltd - The Lead Free Alternative

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