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Thread: cold feet

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    cold feet

    Any recomendations for some good high seat socks, my bloody feet were freezing today despite wearing high boots and 2 pairs of socks.
    any ideas?


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    I normally wear a thin pair of liner socks and then a thick pair over teh top. I've got some of the SealSkinz long socks that keep me pretty toasty!


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    Whatever you wear, watch your socks and wellie/boots are not too tight as that makes the situation worse by restricting your circulation.

    I'd have a browse on Cabelas and have a look at some of the boots designed for the serious cold the Yanks and Canadians get...



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    I use ski soaks, try TKMAX they have some really good deals from time to time.


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    Wear a pair of Muck boots. They are neoprene, a great fit and you can wear standard socks. They go down to -10 with ease and no extras required!

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    Normal socks then sealskins and boots not wellies

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    the word is harkila

    get some of these socks job done

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    Good leather boots will always be warmer than wellies - even Neoprene lined ones. If they are too tight - too many or too thick socks your feet will be cold.

    And make sure your core body is warm - build up some heat by a good walk into your high seat. Thermal underwear and lightweight down jacket - work wonders as well. Don't get over heated and sweaty on the walk in - better to walk in and then put extra clothing on before sitting still.

    Also have something to munch on whilst you wait - keeps the energy levels up and thus warmth.

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    I was always a two pair sort of bloke until I discovered Harkila. They make astoundingly good socks. I was stood in the snow yesterday for hours with one pair of Harkila socks under a pair of Nora wellies (you know, dairy wellies, not thick, not lined) and my feet remained toasty.

    As someone also pointed out, Muck/Grub boots are damn good too...but beware of the stench after prolonged wear!!

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    Been using thorlo socks for years can't find anything better .
    very hard wearing.

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