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Thread: 22.250 & .243 for sale

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    22.250 & .243 for sale

    Not enough posts to advertise. Out of the five posts you have made three of them are advertising, I hate to tell you this but you are subject to the same rules as everyone else. Therefore you need to make an introduction and conform to the site rules as does every body else.

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    Any photos of the Steyr and more info please?


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    I'm also interested in seeing some pics of the 243 please.


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    any pics of the 22250 and more info how many rounds,how old etc

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    Perhaps posting an intro would also be considered? It's normally good practise to tell other site members a bit about yourself, which region you live in, etc.

    There is a rule at the top of the Classifieds section that says:

    "You need at least 10 posts to create ads in this section."

    I guess it's not enforced

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    Look at the date of this post 08-02-2009 22:24 why drag it back up

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    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post
    Look at the date of this post 08-02-2009 22:24 why drag it back up
    Your quite right, note to self must be more vigilant

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