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Thread: New Training Venue Derbyshire

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    New Training Venue Derbyshire

    Hi everyone,

    We are pleased to announce that JELEN DEER SERVICES are now able to offer scheduled and bespoke training courses in Derbyshire to allow those wishing to embark on DSCL1 & 2, as well as specialised training.

    Due to accelerating demand for our high-class training, we felt that by bringing our services into new areas, interested parties will have the opportunity to take advantage of our excellent track record for delivering the one of the finest deer management training programs in the UK - without the candidate having to spend out on expensive accommodation and traveling expenses.

    Our first DSCL1 course available in Derbyshire is scheduled for the 25th , 26th & 27th May

    Please EMAIL us at for full details, or any further information on our services.


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Home | Jelen Deer Services

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    Hi Mike

    I take it this will be an ongoing venue and not a one off? - that will be really good for the area.

    Good luck


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    where in Derbyshire ???

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    Hi guys, it will be an on-going thing, and it will be near Turnditch, Derbyshire.



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    Sounds good to me, you have pm, reply asap please

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    whats the training facility called, can we use our own rifles, also has it got to be factory loads or home loads? do i need to bring everything or do you have some equipment than can be borrowed like 24 inch bi-pod for the sitting test at shooting, i have my own quad sticks, are these allowed, if factory loads only can these be purchased on site/ is there brewing facilities? do we need to bring sandwiches, thanks Dean

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    if theres anyone else from the buxton area wanting to do the course interested in sharing fuel costs by car sharing? pm me please

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    Hi Mike, any more info on the new dsc1 training centre? at turnditch

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    Right on my doorstep!

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    Hi Crimsonbullseye, where abouts in turnditch is the shooting club? are you booking onto the course or have you already done it, atb Dean

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