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    Bad start

    Got up at 5am smorning and had a 50 minute drive to where I was stalking,about 1 mile away and mist was looking pretty dense,got there and visibility was 150yds max,I carried on regardless,as sun burnt through all the roe I seen were off boundaries,I met the farmer on his quad checking his electric fences,he said there is 3 at side of the farm usually,wandered up and they were laid in amongst the undergrowth of a little spinney,they just kept running and didn't stop to look back,I hate blanking on a early start
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    Still better than going to work in a job you hate.

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    A bad day shooting is better than a good day at work.

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    But a good day shooting.......................................... .....

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    you gottado a job you like doing coz most of us gotta do it for a long time

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