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Thread: Pros and Cons of different Sound Moderators

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    Pros and Cons of different Sound Moderators

    Afternoon all

    Now I have a .243 rifle that is currently not screw threaded and I have intentions of doing this in the next few weeks and then going to get a Sound Moderator fitted but every day I am left pondering over which moderator should i buy and which one is the best as they are not a cheap buy and try purchase. I know of a lot of people that really enjoy shooting and the effect the WildCat Predator 8's have and they seem to be one of the favourites amongst deer stalkers as well as the A-Tec Maxim.

    Theres a lot of controversy over the T8 Reflex due to their heavy weight, I have quite a light rifle and Im left thinking that If i buy the T8 will it put too much weight at the barrel tip pulling my accuracy down slightly but yet I will have great sound attuention. The same story applies to the wildcat Predator 8 as this weights roughly the same at over 650 grams. I quite like the look of the relatively new A-Tec Maxim and the ASE Northstar. The ASE Northstar weighs in at 630grams and the A-tec 370grams.

    My problem that im left with is which one do I feel that is best for me and I quite like a rifle that has some weight to it, when I put it into my shoulder i want to know it's there but i don't want to be pulled through the floor either. My main concern above most is the sound, Im cut up on which one will give me the best sound atuention once I have run it in, some say the ASE others the T8? Bearing in mind that on the front of the Rifle stock their is a Harris HB25CS 13 1/2" to 27" Swivel Bipod. Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

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    AU-SL5 would be my recommendation and I have one sat at my RFD which is for sale. Good luck. JCS

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    I have a selection of Mods. 2xT8, ASE Northstar, Parker hale, and a Brugger and Thomet.
    The T8's are excellent, although slightly heavy, do not worry about the scaremongering about them rusting away in ten minutes, I have had mine for about nine years and they are still almost perfect.
    The Brugger and Thomet is excellent and light, but expensive.
    The Northstar is good, though I have not had it long enough to make a full judgement.
    The PH is for a rimfire.
    So I have used a few and like them all, if money was no problem then I would use B&T, otherwise ASE or T8's do the job, just up to you what you fancy.

    ps when you get the rifle threaded, get a spigoted thread, as I feel these are better for supporting the mod.

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    I have a T8, a ASE UTRA JET Z CQB and an A TEC Maxim. My preference is Jet Z, Maxim then T8.

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    I've only used T8 and Ase Utra Jet-z. All I can say is that on a 20inch barrel both work very well and have lasted years. Weight/balance is fine because you get used to it. Accuracy didn't suffer one bit. Guns more pleasurable to shoot.


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    Hi i use the Wildcat p8 compact on my 243 and also have one in 223, well made and easy to clean. Woodydog.

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    Jet Z is very quiet compared to the T8

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    The Jet-Z has won all the published noise attenuation tests. I do not think there is a better moderator.

    But if you want to stalk and weight is an issue then the choice is narrowed by some margin. The A-TEC (220g) and the Roedale (175g) and are the lightest muzzle cans available as yet. Both are a similar modular design, but the Roedale can be fitted with stainless baffles, if you change the first two to stainless it brings the weight up to just a tad over 200g. This can eliminate any possibility of gas cutting during a range session.

    Both of these will protect your hearing more than adequately.

    There are some titanium moderators on the market, which are very effective. Being titanium they are proof against corrosion so are a once in a lifetime purchase. They are relatively light too. The only problem with them is the price. I do believe they are worth it though.

    I have a friend who swears by the AU-SL5, being stainless they are going to last longer than the mild steel T-8.

    But the best is still the Jet-Z.


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    just put a jet-z compact on my 308 and have a cqb on my 223,both work very well

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    I use the Spartan from Third Eye Tactical. Very clever Aluminum Baffles with a Stainless centre to prevent gas cutting. Also have a built in Muzzle Brake which means i can see the Bullet strike from my 30-06 Ackley. Also British made which is nice .


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