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Thread: Planning Ahead

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    Planning Ahead

    Hi Folks,
    I know most 'normal people' are booking family holidays to the seaside at this time of year etc but what is going on behind the scenes !!
    Now that the Driven Boar season is over, I know, I know, you lucky chaps that go after trohies can go all year round but I am talking 'rank and file' folk like myself!
    How many of you have booked already or are still looking at Web Sites or pamphlets.
    How has the drop in value of the pound or the strength of the Euro affected your planning or are you going to ask the wife to get another job to help pay for it !!
    They are all certain to cost more this year so start saving chaps.

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    going to croatia in april on boar & deer shoot , costing only 475 all in with flights, meals, transport, beaters, drinks, etc, only extra cost is 100 euros per boar shot, no trophy fees,
    sweden in sept for the moose,bear and caper, costs only 70 return flights with ryanair, stopping in a mates lakeside cabin so only other cost is food and drink .
    it looks like companies are dropping the price of most trips to allow for the credit crunch and pound weakness.
    will be doing a lot of traveling this year for the pigeons & deer so the high price of fuel will hurt.
    has for family hols, a barge hol on the broads in august and a med cruise in may (very good deals on at the moment )

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    Happy Hunt,
    That's the way to go. I enjoy planning them nearly as much as going on them.
    It seems as if I am wishing my life away really because I only do Driven Boar abroad and they are all in the Winter.
    I see you mentioned Ryan Air, they did not carry Firearms when I used them last year to go to Poland and the seats made me sit upright, not very relaxing at all!!
    And I had to pay for my refreshments, never done that before!!
    Unless I absolutely have to, I'll not use them again.
    I expected a few others on this site to chip in as I have met a couple of them on my travels to Croatia and Poland in the past.

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    emcc,I know what you mean about ryan air, but they were the only ones flying out from prestwick,glasgow which is handy for me , flights to stockholm were only about 1 hr,45 min long so not to bad,sas internal flights were fantastic, 50 min north to stromsund . ryan air don't carry firearms as you say but luckily I was using my mates rifles out there (9 x 56 semi auto & combo 12g x 7 x 56) so no paper work on that occasion to fill in, only the hunting licences.
    this year I was wanting to drive over via ferry to norway from newcastle but that service has stopped now due to lack of demand.
    going with easy jet to croatia .no problems at all ,costs about 12 to ship 1@ rifle case, 125 return

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    I went to Germany in January with Lufthansa. Going out my rifle, cased, was classed as 'Sports Equipment' and went free.
    Coming back I had to pay 35 Euros for it. It was classed coming back as 'Excess Baggage' because it was a Firearm.
    I was told that if it was Skis or Fishing tackle it would go free but Firearms are not classed as Sports Kit!!!!
    I do a few of these trips each Winter and every trip is different even tho' I'm using the same Airline in most cases.
    Ammunition is an example, In it's manufacturers cardboard packet in the hold luggage one day, the next in a lockable steel box in the hold luggage, then in a lockable steel box and handed in separately with the Rifle. I even had one tell me they would not take ammunition at all yet I'd travelled with them two weeks before.
    In the end, on that occassion it was wrapped in lots and lots of sticky tape and the Pilot agreed to carry it with him!!
    When we got to Croatia one of the cabin crew gave it to me as I left the Plane.
    It's lottery even tho' the rules are in black and white.

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    Happyhunt, have you tried NORWEIGEN out of edinburgh some good deals depending on when you want to go..


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    We use Ryanair to fly into Berlin from East Mids we can get some very cheap seats but they are such a pain in the arse, staff are twats, refreshments expensive and crap, we say all the time it would be easier to drive as the flight gets in just as the last train leaves for Wolfsburg
    I didn't know Easyjet took rifles? 12 quids is really cheap

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    thanks nell, didn't even know they sailed from edinburgh,will look into it.

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    Hi EMcC,
    One probable trip to Croatia in November and a definite next January with Tomo/Davey for boar, usual costs, you know the details any way.
    Any chance you would be interested in either trip?

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    Sure am PM sent

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