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Thread: keepers jobs

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    keepers jobs

    I know its a long shot but does anyone know of any keepering jobs going? I want to change career from kitchen fitter to keeper, something i wish i'd done when i left school but didn't..... At a very youthful 33 years old married with two kids going down the college route is out of the question, as with most things though i think its who not what you know so thought i would ask
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Without the college route to follow, they will all be looking for experience. Not just in stalking, but H&S, fencing, general estate management, animal husbandry, book keeping etc. So you would be very lucky to get a post without experience.
    That said give it a go. I do not know of any jobs going, but a search on the internet will produce a list of estate management companies, these are the factors on many large estates and the people who do the hiring and firing.
    I think Savills, Bidwells etc are the people who you need to speak to

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    i was in your position 10 years ago and decided on part time keepering to fill a void in my life well more a hankering ,it has certainly done that and love it but hard work .
    i have been very lucky ,great boss ,great guns on the shoot ect .
    there are a thousand young college trained ,fit ,enthuastic boys and girls out there for every job that does and does not get advertised but that dont mean you wont get a shout but be prepared for alot of knock backs in the process .
    i wish you very good luck and hope you get a break ,by luck after i started the keepering i got a fantastic job at the school next door as head groundsman so every cloud can have a silver lining
    kind regards

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    thanks for the advice chaps! i know a few keepers who are keeping there ears open and a good friend of mine was a head keeper and he has some good contacts, its just waiting for the right opening.... i've had the opportunity of two or three jobs locally two of which were on estates that i pick up on had in not been for single person accommodation (bit of a aqueeze with wife and kids) i would have taken one of them i even had an opportunity in belgium but again single accomm... thought i was on for a underkeepers job on a large commercial shoot in the west country a month or so ago but they decided to give it to someone with more experience which is fair enough.... but i shall keep plugging away and hopefully something will come up!
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    A mate of mine was a carpenter but was brought up with parents that were keen hunters,he already had great knowledge of most things to to with hunting,keepering etc coz all his friends,family and associates were to do with the whole scene,he jacked in carpentry in his early 30,s and became a keeper and he absolutely loves it,it's never to late to change mate,good luck Swarovski

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    its getting late in the year now for jobs to come up as they usually arrise feb early march

    most keepers now will be getting ready for eggs to arrive on the next day or three so would have moved jobs if they were likely too. not all will have yet but most!

    go to the ngo website or google some agricultural colledges in your area

    DONT EXPECT TO WALK IN TO ONE SOON THOUGH , i think from memory there are over 300 applications to every one job advirtised in shooting times each week

    exsperience will always get you further than blind luck

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    theres alot of college leavers out there every year and alot of time served keepers looking for work but you never know

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    Good luck mate you will need it, I have known quite a few people that came into keepering from different trades
    but its becoming more difficult, not enough jobs and a lot of experienced men chasing them when one does come up.

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    Why not try the part time route on some of the estates you pick up.
    The problem you have is with no qualifications and no full time experience you'll be hard pushed to find full time keepering.
    Good keeping jobs are hard to come by and are rarely advertised. Most are word of mouth.
    Any job you do find make sure its what you want, look into why the last lad left. And make sure your going to get payed for the hours you work. (Or at least most of them).
    Good luck.

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    cheers for the advice guys! i know jobs are like rocking horse shoite, i might have a little race with myself(?) and see if i acan get a keepring job or my own ground first
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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