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Thread: Stockist of Nosler ballistic tips in .25cal

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    Stockist of Nosler ballistic tips in .25cal

    Hi, does anyone know of a gun shop in the Yorkshire (I'm in west) area that has any .25 cal 100 grain Nosler ballistic tips in stock, I'm going to put an order in to Midway for 300 next month but I could do with a box of 50 to keep me going as I only have 7 left from the last batch I loaded.



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    try aftab at relaoding solutions

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    Thanks for the reply Bob, I forgot to say I want to go in and pick them up.


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    Have you tried Ian at Bradford Shooting Supplies? John may be worth a Bell up at the Tunnel Range at Burley.


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    I've found trying to get hold of Nosler .257 cal bullets a real pain & damned expensive. Of course you can go to Rel Solutions but the carriage is expensive and they have to go to a friendly RFD so you can collect.
    It's especially hard to get stuff like Nosler Accubond 110gn or the new E tip to try. Edgar Bros are less than helpful as stockists to the trade in respect of Nosler and they're right on my doorstep in Cheshire.
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    Got a box from Kirklees guns at £21 plus £1 for parking think I'll do an order from midway and get them Shipped to a mate who has an RFD. Thanks for the answers.


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    It seems since the old chaps at EB have gone the "Sons" have better things to do than deal with customers. The old ones were gentlemen to deal with the few times I had dealings with them just as a customer and not trade. I cannot say the same about the current bosses there.

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