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Thread: BDS Deer Management Course

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    BDS Deer Management Course


    Has anyone completed The BDS Deer Management course for Advanced Stalkers?

    And what were your thoughts?


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    Yes, I did it in 2007 and thought it was a good course. The written exam at the end is not a 'given' and a couple of people failed it. It covers Census techniques, population dynamics, cull planning, habitat and assessment damage, health and safety, larder requirements and design, ageing techniques, deer management economics, record keeping and formation of a formal deer management plan. All of this is taught on the course. There was a visit to Cowdray estate which was interesting. The advanced shooting test is quite challenging and optional.
    The course gives you a "Lantra" award.
    I have used knowledge from the course whilst writing deer plans and cull plans for landowners claiming under the English Woodland Grant Scheme.
    There were an interesting spread of people on the course ranging from forest managers to a lady from the Exmoor stag hounds! Good for a bit of 'Networking'.
    I would personally recommend it if you need further knowledge on any of the areas above.

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    I found the course to be very informative and it also brought up a lot of controversial discussions, particularly around the subject of law. If you feel the need to do it then go ahead, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing that myself and other Scottish based people could see as a small tarnish on the course was that it was very low ground or English biased.



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    I did it back in the early 90's when the shooting test was compulsory.

    I too found it very enjoyable and informative, as well as hard work.

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    As the others have said, well worth it and you need to work for the exam like MS says.

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    I did it back when it was known as the 'Advanced Stalker' course and still feel it was the most useful course I have attended. If you are at all interested in 'management' rather than just turning deer into venison - you will benefit.

    The shooting test was somewhat more useful than the DSC version - actually giving a spread of skills a good work out.

    Reloads and second shot against the clock anyone?

    Rgds Ian

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    I too did it back in the day when it was called the Advanced Stalkers Certificate.
    Over three weekends in the little hall at Comrie back in 1996!
    Excellent course content and as Ian F mentioned the against the clock shooting section was interesting!
    Also liked the part where a pin was placed to mark the heart on a hind target and you had to put 2 shots within 6 inches of the pin from 150 yards to progress to the rest of the test!
    Very informative course and would recommend it.
    All the best

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    I also did the course in2007 ( in fact i think it must have been the same one as monkey spanker) and found it quite challanging as im not very good in a classroom situation and very rarley even put pen to paper in my normal routine, but the course was well presented and help was given to people like me when asked for and I even managed to pass, so if I can do it anyone can. I would reccomend it to anyone I learnt loads.

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    Bringing back memories now !!!

    Advanced Stalkers Course (Scotland ) 1993
    Glen Tanar Estate Hall , Aboyne .

    Instructors, Jimmy Oswald
    Hugh Rose
    Dick Youngson
    Richard Price

    Ronnie Rose
    Very good course and had a right laugh at times .
    Did all our shooting at Tullich Range .

    (Lost all my hair and gone through two wives since then ???)lolol

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