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Thread: Land rover engines

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    Land rover engines

    A Land Rover fan, but the new ones are changing so often now it is hard to keep up.
    The new 2.4 engine has been replaced with a 2.2 engine. Does anyone have one, what are they like?
    I loved both the Tdi engines, was not so impressed with the Td5, and have heard that the 2.4 was noisy and rough. Have not seen a 2.2 yet.
    Any thoughts?

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    The new engine is slightly quieter than the 2.4 Puma but it is basically the same with a better acoustic engine cover. It has the same power but uses a DPF system that no one seems to have perfected yet and i expect Defender owners to be hacked off with the warning light coming on. Oh and i forgot the rear door handle has holes drilled along the length of the handle which will save the total weight of a 1 coin

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    What is the DPF system?

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    Diesel Particulate Filter which basically filters the NOX (soot) from being released into the air... they block up and cause the dash light to come on and an Italian de-coke is the only cure. VW are on thier 4th ECU patch to stop it but a 15minute rev round the back of the workshop seems to be the only way to get the light off.... Defender owners are already reporting problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilgrimmick View Post
    What is the DPF system?
    DPF = Deadly Permanent Fire

    A system whereby, in order to reduce emissions, said emissions are stored in a central point until full. At this point, the system regenerates by burning off the stored emissions and thereby releasing them into the atmosphere

    As it is a system that requires long fast run in order to regenerate, it is ideally suited to land rovers since they are most frequently used for short slow runs.

    Or have I missed something?

    In all fairness, the 2.2 is an OK engine and certainly quieter (albeit with damping as R-D says) and smoother than the TDI's. What didn't you like about the TD5?

    Edit: I should add that it is possible to remove the DPF for better performance and economy, but that obviously buggers the warranty. Done properly, it didn't used to be an MOT problem but I'm not sure what the current situation is.
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    I had two TD5's and if kept serviced and maintained correctly they were a fine reliable match for the Defender and Discovery2... i have a Puma 2.4 now and i just think it is a lump of an engine but as it is the same as most Transit vans they should last forever and thrive on rakes of abuse. I hear on some LR forums the price of the 2.4's are going up as potential owners are shying away from the unknown DPF engines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I had two TD5's and if kept serviced and maintained correctly they were a fine reliable match for the Defender and Discovery2.
    +1 That's why I asked - if Pilgrimmick didn't like them because they were powered by the Devil (aka ECU), he's not going to be very keen on the Puma et al. Oil in the ECU aside, I thought the TD5's were pretty good - albeit that I like the TDI's as well.

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    A good 06 TD5 Defender will sell for more than a comparable 07 Puma.. don't know why though?

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    Nowt wrong with the Td5 engine. Just keep it serviced and you should have no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    you should have no problems.
    A most amazing event - this is the first time in the history of the world when those words have been used in relation to something built by Land Rover.

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