Re-advertising for syndicate members after my last post was removed by JAYB because the wording in my last post made it sound like a commercial shoot. Ive spoken to JAYB now & he has said its ok to re-post.

For the 2012/2013 season i am looking for 6 guns to fill the remaining syndicate places on the new shoot that we have started this year. The shoot is over 700acres of stunning pheasant holding ground, lots of rhodiedendrum, gamecrop, deep dens etc.
We will be releasing 2,500 pheasants & will shoot 8+ main days between October & January. The bag expectation is 100+ birds per day, if we dont reach this figure then we will have additional days to get to the seasons bag number.

There are a few conditions associated with this offer which you would expect from a DIY shoot:
Have to appear to at least 6 work party days to help with the maintenance of the shoot
Have to have own steady working dog

Cost is 850 a year which also gets you a 2 course bar lunch & a drink on shoot days, as well as SACS insurance.

If your interested them PM me.