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Thread: Testing the water..Kill it, cook it,eat it, weekends staying in a yurt.

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    Testing the water..Kill it, cook it,eat it, weekends staying in a yurt.

    Hi All,

    Just testing the water here, the idea is to offer week/weekends staying on my friends farm, the accommodation is in yurts or bell tents, take a look at the pictures below, showers and kitchen available on-site, you can also have your own camp fire/bbq outside your yurt.

    Stalking would take place between the months of May and the middle of October each year, i can cater for 2 stalkers, one accompanied and the other in a high seat, or an additional stalker can be catered for with advance booking so i can employ another guide.
    You could always bring your family down, there is plenty of room in a yurt.
    So the idea would be, stalk, shoot, butcher and cook.
    Obviously venison is better hung for a while, so i will supply that from my chiller/freezer, then you have the opportunity to buy the venison you shoot and butcher and take it home.

    Those months are also in the fishing season, so as i am a qualified fly fishing instructor and guide that could be added onto the whole experience, just slap a rainbow trout on the bbq, yummee!

    As i say, its just an idea at the moment, but is it something people would be interested in?

    I cant give an idea of costs yet, but my outing fee would be reduced according to how many stalkers attend.



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    Great idea. All depends on cost though.

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    Are the yurt's at embercoombe?

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    i like it very much good enough for ghengis ........good enough for foxxer let us know when you decide
    how much sheckles you will charge

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    I think it's a great idea. It could be a family thing, the wife and kids can do their own thing while hubby is shooting. The price would be a big decider for most people, but that family angle would get the non shooter of the house onboard.

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    I fully appreciate the cost is a factor, but renting a yurt as a family, or as close stalking buds will be reasonable compared to a caravan on sandy bay near exmouth!
    Even without my proposal his yurts are very popular, but come september it tails off, just as the reds are thinking about starting the rut, and we have reds on my permission on his farm, i will have further discussions with him and work out a guide price if i get enough interest on here.
    By the way, its not embercoombe.

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    i am interested, sounds like a great idea

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    Very interested.

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    sounds like a great idea

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    That sounds like my idea of heaven, but as most people have said would be COST, and convincing the family to come on MY holiday instead of the beach,
    Weekender sounds good maybe through a bit of foxing in at nignt fishing on the sunday before the long drive home

    Get some rough prices sorted and see the feed back


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