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Thread: Fallow on Rape

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    Fallow on Rape

    Went to check a stealth cam I had put up and I was walking up an incline on the boundary between a small wood and a field of Rape which is no more than a foot high. The farmer had removed the gas gun in the last two days. I had seen four Fallow in the wood at 1630hrs about three days ago, two bucks at least, and two at night, so they seem to be taking up residence.
    As I walked up the rise I saw five Fallow, two females and three yearlings munching the Rape. They were at the junction of three fields with both gates open so they had plenty of options for fleeing.
    I got to about 120 yard sof them before they legged it into a grass field and went to the other end of it until I walked towards them when they ran further away.
    I have limited experience of Fallow so I am not to sure if Rape is a favourite of theirs, I thought they were general browsers. I guess the females were stuffing themselves as they are ignorant.
    When I was walking towards them they were keeping a weather ear on me but when I stopped they seemd more alarmed and ran.
    Hey ho, have another go tonight in the high seat. which is right where they were.
    I had seen 12 about five years ago but I'd shot one or two a year and this seems to scare them off.

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    They love a bit of rape. Although they do browse IMO they preffer grazing. haven't you noticed how much they look like a cow round the nose and mouth!

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    With all the sun we are having at the mo the rape is top of menu! Was on my way home last thursday and seen 2 large herds approx 30/40 fallow on the rape!

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