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Thread: Drag bag rifle sling

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    Drag bag rifle sling

    do any of you fellow stalkers use the drag bag rifle slip.if so what do you think of them and where is the best place to get one .or any body got one to sell on
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    Havn't used one, but Rifle i think, be a good start

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    I have a ARKTIS drag bag.loads of pockets and the padding is good too

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    Try Aim Field Sports
    They make quite a few variations

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    I use the Aim Field Sports drag bag which has lots of pockets, padding, place to put cleaning rod and a good harness for carrying hands free.

    However I only use it when on the target range as it is too big to carry when out stalking and also too fiddly to get the rifle out in a hurry.

    For use on the range it is brilliant as it holds a lot of gear and makes life at lot easier for moving to/from the firing points.


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    I picked up a new arktis drag bag off eBay for a good price. Only use it for range and transporting. It also doubles as a shooting mat on the range.

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