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Thread: A wee vid of a wee buck

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    A wee vid of a wee buck

    sadly i still only have a small camera and can only catch the odd moment .I had an eventful morning and also seen this chap.

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    That dawn chorus of Fords and Toyota's rushing past is quite therapeutic Another nice one Davie.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    John i was thinking of taking the sound completely away from my camera that way it could have been an area up north no one would know the difference.

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    Davie you need a bigger camera (zoom) or you have to get closer mate, try getting on your belly and crawl a wee way.
    Or perhaps get a ghille suit??

    this is with a good camera and at 40m's

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    Ha Ha Show off i was only 90 mtr away from that buck . I do need a new camera with a video that zooms sadly that camera video is static. But hey it keeps me happy pissing about waiting for the bucks to come in.

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    went out yesterday morning to a small wood near home before i set off for the laser work.
    only out an hour davie and saw these 3 boys all clean.
    the first 1 was 140m's away and still good footage.
    time to upgrade the camera mate.

    p.s. good luck with john when he comes up.

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    Great vids mate i will try and get some i have a chap coming down with a good camera he wants me to place him in a seat with it.

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