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Thread: deer stalking syndicate on ebay

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    deer stalking syndicate on ebay

    Hi all I have just typed in deer stalking on ebay and noticed a syndicate up for grabs sorry dont have the link.

    I have know conection with the involved partys


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    Would be a bit cautious of such a thing on ebay. Why not a shooting magazine/forum?

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    Deer stalking Syndicate | eBay

    Have a look!

    4 members on 500 acres
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    it has been on fleabay for a while ,atb wayne

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    Just put the phone number in google and it will give you a name if anyone is interested or happens to know the person

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    I sent an email asking for a grid ref or a postcode just to check the location and every thing went quite i had had plenty off emails before i asked


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    whatever, yes, there's lots of demand, little supply, prices are subequently under pressure, blah blah blah...honestly, the day I have to start worrying about paying for stalking is the day I'll quit!!! are we turning into golfers?

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