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Thread: Pecar 4x81 Light Scope IIS (Ret 4)

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    Pecar 4x81 Light Scope IIS (Ret 4)

    Pecar's classic Aluminium tubed (hence "Light") scope

    4x81 (4x magnification 36mm objective)

    "81" refers to the brightness index rather than objective which is a 36mm (originates from 36 (objective size in mm) divided by four (magnification) = (9 pupil size) , the square of the sum gives 81)

    26mm tube
    "post and wire" type reticule

    *Glass is crystal clear and has no scratches on outer surfaces
    *No dust or foreign bodies in tube
    *Windage and Elevation work perfectly and adjusters still have a crisp "click" to them.
    *Both windage/elevation caps present
    *Some marks on scope tube but these do not appear to impact the scopes use

    inherited from an uncle, no rifle to attach it to!
    needs a good home!

    90 posted RMSD insured

    pics updated.
    price dropped to reflect the marks on scope tube
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    SOLD pending usual
    Thank you DD

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    Got it. Pleasure doing business with you. Cheers.

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    Is this still for sale ? or has it been sold

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    sorry sold.
    what are you after as I may be getting another one shortly!?

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