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Thread: fjallraven roe deer jacket

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    fjallraven roe deer jacket

    Fjallraven Roe Deer jacket

    I've worn this jacket for some of last season, it's large size, brilliantly warm versatile and strong, the features are so well thought out from the silent magnetic pocket flaps and radio sleeve to the amazing G1000 fabric (modern day ventile) combined with the Hydratic breathable lining, it also has a full dual wall peaked hood in the collar the manufacturer description is;

    in G-1000® and Hydratic®. Waterproof and breathable with pockets for radio and ammunition. 8 pockets in total. Suede-like shoulder reinforcements and cut for extra freedom of movement across the shoulders. Fixed hood that can be rolled up and separate orange safety vest.

    I'd like £130 inc p&p please

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    what size is it?

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    PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    what size is it?
    FIRST line of the description....

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    it is an L I'm a 44 normally so this will fit a 42 to 46 I imagine.

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    Chaps just to confirm the jacket is still available, cheers.

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    Just thoght I'd add a little explanation of waxes as a member mentioned it by pm

    Barbour type coats use a relatively liquid type wax the consistency of dubbin which floods the fibres and the gaps between the fibres to form an impervious layer. This looks "waxy" after application and is not breathable as the pores are blocked.

    The Scandanavian coats, of which Fjallraven is one, use a hard wax that is rubbed accross the material and heated to be absorbed by the fibres. waterproofing is achieved because the wax doesn't allow water droplets to "whet" the fibres of the fabric but the wax doesnt block the material pores which therefore retains it's breathability.

    The Fjallraven Roe deer jacket goes one further and also has the "hydratic" layer which is Fjallravens answer to Goretex. so it is traditional on the outside with a technical core.

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