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Thread: Aics or similar Adjustable tactical stock for .223/.204 remmy 700

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    Aics or similar Adjustable tactical stock for .223/.204 remmy 700

    As per title really, I'm after a tactical stock for a remmy 700, something like an AICS or Manners, must have adjustable cheek piece. Drop me a PM if you have anything.

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    have you looked into the B&C stocks i had a aics built on a rem and at the same time got the estate a B&C fully ajustable stock built on a rem for one of the lads who works with me because he is tall and long armed and struggels to get ne thing to fit him. and i was impressed and so was he fit him spot on and now he dosent like to pic up a standerd stock. got them from rim fire magic check them out. or if its for night vision to get your hed up for most scopes try a bolt on cheek piece ther cheeper than a stock

    ATB tim

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    Thanks for that Tim Got a B&C in the end.

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    have you receaved it yet? they are a cracking stock wen i saw it i wonderd if id done the right thing going for the AICS and will prob end up with one

    hope you enjoy it

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