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Thread: One of the four has to go...

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    One of the four has to go...

    Take your pick...

    1. Browning B25 B2g 12g 9/10 1977 4,500
    2. Browning B25 C12g 20g shs fired 300 max 10/10 2003 9,500
    3. Beretta 627 EELL sbs 20g Exhibition woodwork fired virtually nothing, maybe 100. 10/10 2004 4,250
    4. Beretta 687 EELL multichoke 28g shs fired 200 cartridges 10/10 best woodwork i have seen on an EELL 4,250
    Just learned today that the 20g Browning is a C12g not a C2g and it has 3 game scenes engraved with a springer spaniel on the base of the action... it is 1,000 more than the C2g with a RRP of 14,998.
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    I have quite a few and the use of different guns affected my shooting last year. I DID think the 20g was a C2g but it is stamped on the action as a C12g which is a better engraving and worth 1,000 more.

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    Swarovski... just avoided mercenary women all my life...

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    yeah they will spend all your money

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    I have called four large Gunshops and they offered me exactly half of the real value... the gun trade is dead but won't lie down? York Guns offered 30% of RRP on a rare gun that is unavailable in the UK and it has never been warm never mind hot.

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    keep them red dot,am sure you will regret it,dont give them away

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    What a list mate! 3 years ago I would have jumped at the C12G. Now........ I am married and can't get my hands on my own paycheck!

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