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Thread: Left Hand 22-250 remington 700

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    Left Hand 22-250 remington 700

    hi there lads here i have for sale a rem700 H/B varmint in 22-250 it has a synthetic stock , 26"barrel , DM80 mod comes with rings but the scope is not for sale.
    Welcome to come and view and try.
    Attachment 13759Attachment 13760Attachment 13761Attachment 13762

    looking for offers around 600
    if u have any questions just ask
    calton moor range


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    Hi CMR, sorry not interested in the rifle, very nice as it is (already have one)..

    Its the sling that caught my eye, what make is it.. and would i be right in thinking it slides up the barrel thus preventing it from bein top heavy... be very intrested to hear as i have this problem with a long barrelled moderated rifle....

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