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Thread: A new member that got it wrong

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    A new member that got it wrong

    firstly i would like to apologize for posting a thread befor intordusing my self.
    I live near Newbury, berks and have been stalking for 30 years, most of my stalking is in hampshire and wiltshire and i go to germany 2 to 3 times a year stalking and driven boar, i am also i a member of hampshire constabulary humane animal dispactch team, my partner and i also work gundogs, 4 labs and 1 cocker, i have one of the labs as a deer dog.

    I am also a keen fly fisherman,game shot and vermin control, i shoot with .22 rf, .22/250, 2 x .243, .300 win mag and 3 x beretta shotguns.

    regards cookingfat

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    Welcome cookingfat I remember years ago my granpappy called his cat cookingfat but we always reckoned he got a couple of letters in the wrong place

    He didn't like cats

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    Welcome to the site cookingfat, there are a few members down your way I believe.


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    Welcome - as JAYB says there are a number of members near Newbury. I was in Lambourn but now I'm nearer to Swindon. I've got 2 labs and 1 cocker and, as you'll no doubt guess from my name, a keen fly fisherman as well.

    Welcome to the site, it's a good'un!


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