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Thread: night eye night vision

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    night eye night vision

    just been given a night eye to try out,
    its on the same lines as the ns200 that every one is raving about,
    gave it a try the other night for an hour shame there was nothing about, but from what i can see it is as good if not better than the ns200
    at a cheaper price, just a shame i did not get any video footage of it in action.
    i will give it few more goes before i return it to the maker with my comments on what i think of it (all good at the moment)
    anyone needing any info on there give me a shout
    i know they will retail at around the 350.00 mark not a bad price if you ask me.

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    Hi there,
    Been toying with getting a NS200 for ratting with my Theoben and for using on my rimmy.
    Can you tell us more with regards to spec ect. to allow me to make a comparison. Any photos ect would be apreciated.

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    will pm you the guys details who makes them give him a shout

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    HI Guys I use the starlight archer on my swarovski habicht mounted on my rem 700 22-250 with accuracy int stock fully adjustable stock for day and night shooting (stock extension when the archer is attached) used effectively for approx 3 years 228 foxes down 100% up to 200yds no problem great set up although a bit pricey at 2k for night vision and stock only !!! Great set up tho.

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    Hi Guy's I am using a Starlight longbow on a Tikka Varmint left hand .223, lots of dosh but you can't take it with you I'm told. Its a bit heavy to swing about and safety to be aware of so now I am looking for a hand held device of similar quality for long range spotting, any one out there with a polite suggestion.
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    As a spotter (or an add-on, for that matter) you could do much worse than an Envis.

    Not always easy to locate one though. Expect to pay around 1500 for one with a great tube.

    I personally use a Cobra Tracker 100. They are a true GEN 1+ with fantastic optics. Were just under 1000 when you could buy new, but 250-400 should get you a good used model.


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